every day is an open day

Virtual Tours are the perfect way for potential students and their parents to explore your classrooms and facilities without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.

The 3D experience is an indispensable tool for modern schools and universities, helping to solve the issues raised by busy schedules and large distances when it comes to open days.


International Students

University students are sometimes relocating over 200+ miles to study, and international students especially benefit from touring the campus online well before they arrive in the UK. Virtual Tours are the perfect compliment to your existing student orientation sessions.

Safety planning

Redevelopment and renovation ideas, as well as security and safety planning for events such as fire drills are all massively assisted by having a complete, immersive virtual model.

Student & staff Orientation

Set yourself apart from the competition by offering a complete virtual experience of your school.

– Help orient new staff members and students
– Assist with safety and security planning
– Contents and building insurance